Where it all started…

After discovering I really liked classical singing and wasn’t too shy to open my mouth and start singing anymore, I started my studies at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, where I had an amazing time. Studying singing, studying my own voice, has become a journey of which I hope it will never end.

Some of the major highlights of my studies in The Hague (next to all the nice moments at the Grote Markt of course…) were the projects I got to join. We travelled to New York with Ton Koopman to sing the Hohe Messe together with students of the Juilliard School. I played one of the evil stephsisters in Massenet’s Cendrillon, a DNOA production. And I created my own theatrical performance, Gretchen, inspired by the story of Susanna Margaretha Brandt.

I’m super happy that I was given the chance to study this beautiful profession and for all the lessons I have been taught.