Aria 2022

This year, I participated in the TV programme Aria. What an adventure! Together with 9 other candidates, I was allowed to compete for a spot in the opera studio of the Dutch National Opera.

Although I have some experience on stage by now, this was a whole new experience: working with camera positions, long hours in make-up, a jury, singing from a tower. It’s a very different process from preparing for an opera, so that was a special challenge!

I really enjoyed the run-up to the filming: getting to know the other candidates and the musical rehearsals with the orchestra. Making the videos introducing ourselves was also great fun! You saw me running, something I like to do in my spare time. What you didn’t see? The cameraman I was trying to keep up with, sitting in the trunk of a car in front of me. The transformations we went through on the day of shooting were also impressive! Everyone worked really hard to make it a great show.

What I enjoyed most of all? Getting to know so many great other singers. Every single one of them went on stage with such passion for opera and the will to share it with the world. They are all such heroes and I’m sure we will meet again soon to make beautiful music together.